welcome to an artist view of the present,Inviting you to witness the power of pause


As I begin the daily habit of sharing my written expression,Let me warmly you invite you to join the daily challenge of #themindfulbreak going on in Instagram with my warm community of friends.A daily habit of presence to support your most amazing mind.

let me invite you a little furhur back,the time before teh surrent pandemic.The time when we go to work and have our daily routine....I used to pause with nature.the great luxury of life is to pause and see the sunset.Amother luxury of life is to rise and witness the sunrise.Our human body sets the circadian cycle based on the first glimpse of sunshine and the last ray of sunset.Did you know? you have teh power to set and re set this pattern of health.

Last and finally let me share one deep confession that my extraverted self grieves along with the many who miss public places and laughing loudly in the company of friends.

I miss strolling into the cafe,grabbing a coffee,taking a seat at a table and striking up a conversation with the person nearby.

To share laughter, a smile a moment to be grateful for the sunshine and the colors of life.

It seems like a once upon a time story that I tell myself everyday.how about you? what do you wildly miss since social distancing and covid19 began...?